Sunday, January 4, 2009

Today I made ham and those potatoes.  Ya know, those ones with cheese and corn flakes on top?  We also had corn.  Big surprise.  No rolls since I figured we had all the carbs covered with the potatoes.  Here's the report.

What did you make?  Ham, potatoes, corn.
Is that it?  No jello?  No jello.
Did Roman eat it?  Just the ham.
Did Bella eat it?  Actually yes.  After telling me it looked gross of course.
Did Capri eat it?  She loved the potatoes and ham mixed together.
Did it make John sick?  No.
Did you burn anything today?  No.  A fairly successful dinner.  Except for the fact that I put the ham in the crock pot and it didn't fit so I had to put it in the roaster oven and now I have to wash the crock pot and the roaster oven. 
Will you make this again?  Yes, because I love ham.  I'm part pig.


Fun Bunch said...

you are seriously so funny! We just started a dinner rotation--I only have to make dinner 1 out of 4 nights for 4 families...not bad :) Some of the meals are good some aren't :) but atleast I didn't have to make the dinner that my kids STILL won't eat-or clean up all the dishes.

Anonymous said...

Bless your heart

Emi said...

what's wrong with you?
hey Fun Bunch, that's a good idea, I wish I could do that but I am so picky that I would starve 3 out of 4 nights. Oh well, the waitress at Chili's knows us by name (we were in the Frequent Diner Club at Don Pablo's in Virginia)

Camille said...

I love Ham too! Pauls had hem on sale for like.. oh I don't remember, but it was cheap. I have one in my freezer. I can't wait to cook it.