Wednesday, October 14, 2009

This is what happens when a two year old eats a bowl of cereal and then takes a swig of bottled water.


ShelBailey said...

Got here from Jenny E's blog. I just spent an hour of house-cleaning time reading your blog back about a year. Laughed alot. We have a lot in common. Thanks! I didn't really want to clean house anyway.

Thoughts on Thanksgiving, since it's coming up. Last year, DH and I decided that: a. we're really not into turkey b. we didn't want to cook a huge meal c. we hate doing dishes d. we couldn't afford to go mooch a big meal off of family (all too far away) e. why can't we have chinese food (DH) or mexican (me)? After deciding that the point of Thanksgiving is to be thankful and we had a hard time being thankful for a turkey dinner that we didn't like, didn't want to make and didn't want to clean up after...we decided to be thankful for the beach we live near. And hobo dinners. And tidepools. We may never go back to turkey again. :0) Unless someone else cooks it and cleans it up, of course.

Just a thought.

Emi said...


Amanda said...

That's a good thought. I think this year we're going to try and find a soup kitchen to serve at or something like that.