Sunday, December 21, 2008

Spaghetti--the old stand by

As some of you know, John has been sick lately so I haven't had to cook a lot.  Not because he makes me cook, just because there's really no point to making dinner if he doesn't eat it. Nobody else really cares.  But he started feeling better and I was feeling okay on Friday so I decided that afternoon to make dinner.  

First I had to decide what to make.  We had some leftover chicken from Thursday night so I thought I would make chicken noodle soup.  I call up my sister and ask her how to make it. (Are you laughing at me already?)  Then I start searching for all the ingredients.  Noodles.  Where are the noodles?  Check.  Chicken.  Check.  Bouillon cubes.  Bouillon cubes.  Ummmm.  Bouillon cubes.  Come on.  I have to have bouillon cubes.  I can't believe I don't have any bouillon cubes.  I used to have some.  Oh yeah, I threw them away before we moved because I never used them and they had expired.  Crap.  So I guess I won't be making chicken noodle soup.  Dang, that kind of sounded good.  Ok.  Now what am I going to make for dinner?  I could make hawaiian haystacks.  I know we're kind of sick of those but it would use up the chicken and Bella really likes em.  

I wash out the rice cooker.  (Are you laughing again?)  Then I reach into the pantry for the rice and where's the rice.  Dang it all to heck.  We're out of rice aren't we?  Yep, I used the last of it last time.  We might have some in the garage in the boxes of food storage.  I don't know if I can find anything out there.  I go looking but I give up after I've said about 5 swear words in my head.  You can't have hawaiian haystacks without rice so now I have to figure out what else to make.  We could have spaghetti.  That's what it's got to be.  Spaghetti, the old stand by.  We have it ALL the time.  And there's a reason we have it all them time.  Well, four reasons actually.

1.  We've had too much McDonald's.
2.  We've had too much Papa John's.
3.  There is nothing else to have.
4.  I can't think of anything else.

So reasons 1-4 applied this time so we were having spaghetti.  I make two kinds.  With meat and without.  I'm sure you know who likes the meat one.

What did you make for dinner?  Spaghetti.
Did everyone eat it?  No. I didn't.  (I was feeling sick again by this point and didn't eat anything and Roman had maybe one bite.)
Did Capri eat it?  She loved it.  
Did it make John sick?  No.
Did Bella put too much Parmesan cheese on? Probably.  I choose not to watch her put it on anymore.  
What about John?  Did he put too much Parmesan cheese on?  Yes.
Why do you care if John puts too much parmesan cheese on but you don't care if Bella puts too much on?  Shut up.
Was it easy to make?  What do you think?  
Will you make this again?  Oh you know I will.


Emi said...

Whats a "Hawaiian Haystack"?

Amanda said...

Well Miss Hawaii, let me just fill you in on that. It's when you put a pile of white rice on the center of your plate, then you add a creamy chicken sauce, then you put shredded cheddar cheese on top of that, and then peas, chow mein noodles, pineapple chunks, coconut flakes, olives, green onions, mandarin oranges, celery (yuck), and whatever else you want to throw at it.

Bella's Hawaiian Haystack consists of rice, sauce, cheese, pineapple. (Almost all the food groups.)

Flem said...

K I hopped on over here from Smart Remarks but I love this blog. I am going to lurk over here because I laughed aloud at 5 am. Not easy to do.

My kids call Parmesan "stinky cheese" and put on extremely generous doses when I brave putting it on the table.

Emi said...

Oh ok, must be a "Mainland" thing, I've never heard of it, and being that I am in Hawaii, that's saying alot. Oh, and P.S. Jason is under the impression that he will be cooking a turkey for Christmas. With our kitchen in the state of remodel that it is in, and my uselessness in the kitchen.
Yeah, he's smoking something...

Amanda said...

Welcome aboard new reader. Read at your own risk. No promises to not offend, bore you to death, or gross you out at any point from here on out.

Emi, where did you find that guy? Seriously.

Emi said...

I found him in Seattle.
and he can make a knock your socks off/smack your fanny chinese chicken salad.

Camille said...

lol. I watch Andy's parmasan cheese use, but could care less if the kids use too much too.