Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Occasionally, we have hamburgers at our house. You know the ones I'm talking about. They come wrapped in yellow paper with a little bit of ketchup, a few cut-up onions, a slice of cheese, and one, maybe two, pickles if you're lucky. They also always come with fries. And a toy.

Well, tonight we had a different kind of hamburger. Something I've never had before. A slider. And not just any slider. A big city slider. Compliments of Billy Mays himself and courtesy Miss Emi-kins of Hawaii. I hope she doesn't mind that I gave her that nickname. Because I really like calling her that.

How did you come across such a fine slider station you may wonder? Especially when you are on a permanent spending freeze? Miss Emi-kins hosted a blog raffle after buying her son a Snuggie. She bought two other prizes As Seen On TV to give away in a giant raffle. Mr. Gavin drew my name out first. I couldn't believe it. The odds were nearly impossible. I felt so lucky afterwards that I almost went out and joined another raffle. And bought a lottery ticket.

When it came in the mail, I was so excited to see that Billy Mays had personally autographed it and said, "Congratulations!" Emi must have told him about the drawing.
Today I set about preparing to make sliders for dinner. Oh, I was so excited! I love new kitchen toys. First I washed it in hot, soapy water. Die germs, die.
Then I did this. Don't worry, I didn't touch a thing. It comes with a scoop.
And this. What do you think so far? Impressive?
And this.
Then I finally got around to opening up the instructions.
Um, whoops.
There's an actual recipe in here for how to make these things. Oh well.
Then after a few minutes I wonder if they are done. I put on my magical pot holder also courtesy of Miss Emi-kins. Love ya babe.

Could it really be this easy?

Oh Yes!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

There are many reasons why I don't BAKE.  
Here are just a few.  I'd rather play with Capri.

Or Roman.
Or Bella.
I'm too busy doing more important things.  (Yes, we made all those).  I can make one for you too, if you pay me.
The kitchen is ALWAYS a mess.  So there's no room to make more of a mess.  (Good strategy, huh.)
But the number one reason why I don't BAKE is:
Because I eat it ALL.  This is a picture of what happens when I get a craving.  Last week I was craving chocolate really bad and the hot chocolate just wasn't cutting it.  I couldn't find any candy bars in the house, believe me I looked everywhere, and we were out of chocolate chips.  We did have a box of ready mix lemon bars so I decided to make those.  And this is what they looked like 12 hours later.  I had eaten the entire pan.  Which screwed me up for the next four days craving all kinds of naughty stuff.  So you see folks, that is why I don't bake.  I have no self control.  None.