Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Occasionally, we have hamburgers at our house. You know the ones I'm talking about. They come wrapped in yellow paper with a little bit of ketchup, a few cut-up onions, a slice of cheese, and one, maybe two, pickles if you're lucky. They also always come with fries. And a toy.

Well, tonight we had a different kind of hamburger. Something I've never had before. A slider. And not just any slider. A big city slider. Compliments of Billy Mays himself and courtesy Miss Emi-kins of Hawaii. I hope she doesn't mind that I gave her that nickname. Because I really like calling her that.

How did you come across such a fine slider station you may wonder? Especially when you are on a permanent spending freeze? Miss Emi-kins hosted a blog raffle after buying her son a Snuggie. She bought two other prizes As Seen On TV to give away in a giant raffle. Mr. Gavin drew my name out first. I couldn't believe it. The odds were nearly impossible. I felt so lucky afterwards that I almost went out and joined another raffle. And bought a lottery ticket.

When it came in the mail, I was so excited to see that Billy Mays had personally autographed it and said, "Congratulations!" Emi must have told him about the drawing.
Today I set about preparing to make sliders for dinner. Oh, I was so excited! I love new kitchen toys. First I washed it in hot, soapy water. Die germs, die.
Then I did this. Don't worry, I didn't touch a thing. It comes with a scoop.
And this. What do you think so far? Impressive?
And this.
Then I finally got around to opening up the instructions.
Um, whoops.
There's an actual recipe in here for how to make these things. Oh well.
Then after a few minutes I wonder if they are done. I put on my magical pot holder also courtesy of Miss Emi-kins. Love ya babe.

Could it really be this easy?

Oh Yes!


Emi said...

I love the psuedo "grill" marks, and also Roman's handiwork on the bun. pickpick. And about the personalized "Congratulations" from Billy Mays himself, we go way back, we're like this ::crossing my fingers::

Camille said...

Yummy. They look really tasty.

BTW, I am right with on the whole emi-kins thing. That's how I say it in my head every time.

Emi said...

my ears pricked up because i heard someone talk/typing about me.
oh and PS-
Devin Kearns wants me to establish that she was the one who started this "Emi-Kins" nonsense

Brittany said...

I stumbled across your blog and I agree-making dinner does suck! Also, I noticed your list on the side of money saving blogs and thought I would tell you about one that I follow called the Krazy Coupon Lady. It's a fun one.


It was nice to "meet" you! I'll be back!


Emi said...

emi's tired of hamburgers. now what's for dinner?

Amanda said...

Welcome Brittany. I'll add Krazy Coupon Lady. Thanks for sharing.

Amanda said...

Emi, macaroni and cheese.

Amanda said...

Ramen noodles.

Amanda said...

Peanut butter and jelly.

Amanda said...

Campbells soup and grilled cheese (if your lucky).

Amanda said...

A piece of toast.

Amanda said...

A bowl of cereal.

Amanda said...

Canned peaches.

Amanda said...

French toast sticks.

Amanda said...

And sometimes nothing.

Bella said...

that was good.

lori parkhurst said...

i just found your blog and you are hilarious. It was good to see you at the reunion