Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Making dinner has sucked more than usual because the kids have been sick.  Bella was sick for a week.  She stayed home from school and everything you have no idea how constrained I'm being right now.  Now I get to spend this week helping her with her 20 pages of school work that she missed.  How fun ::wink, wink::

This week Roman is sick and staying home from preschool.  He is the opposite of Bella when he's sick.  In fact, he likes to tell me that he is NOT sick and that he doesn't have a fever.  I have to tell him, "no, we can't go to the park today" and "no, you're not going to school."

So much face time with my kids has left me feeling BLAH.  I made mac and cheese for dinner tonight.  John had toast with jam and cheese. I know, he's weird huh.  He fixed it himself but at least he never complains.  I am so glad to be married to someone who doesn't expect dinner on the table when he comes home from work.  If I make something great, if I don't, great.  He doesn't really care.  He doesn't care if the house is a mess either.  I'm telling you I have the perfect husband for me.  He's way laid back and happy with whatever.  He even does his own laundry. 

Now on to a different subject.  Tonight I went to Albertson's because tonight was the last night of the stupid cereal sale.  I thought what the heck I'll just go so I don't have to be envious when I hear everyone else bragging about how much cereal they got for $20.  It was also double coupon day so I took three one dollar coupons for three different products.  

Now on to why I hate Albertson's and why I hate couponing.  First of all, it took me forever to decide which coupons to use.  I just kind of chose three foods:  sausage, Rhodes rolls, and cereal.  The cereal coupon was great since I was buying the cereal on sale anyway.  But Albertson's doesn't carry the type of Rhodes rolls that matched the coupon.  Ugh.  So I went looking for the sausage and finally found three, yes only three and they were hidden, Johnsonville sausage links.  They were "on sale" for 2 for $7.  What?  3.50 for a pack of sausage?  The coupon I had was $1 off two so I grabbed two.  I figured I'd pay about 2.50 a piece since the coupon would be doubled and I'd get two bucks off.  Then I found a coupon in my wallet for $1 off two Tree Top juices.  I go over to them and see they are "on sale" for 2.79.  Regular price is 3.79.  Holy crap.  At Winco I typically get my juice for 1.58.  I hate Albertson's and their crappy prices.  So then I get my cereal.  I grab 5 boxes.  Two Raisin Bran and 3 Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds.  I also get a loaf of bread.  My total is 17.57 and I get a catalina for $5  off my next purchase.  Not too bad but I should have just bought the cereal.  I'll save my coupons for Winco.

When I got home I realized that I forgot to buy more Motrin and Roman is going to need some for tomorrow.  So I run to Winco.  Good ol, dependable Winco.  Thank you Winco for having decent prices CONSISTENTLY.  Sure enough the sausage is 2.78 a pack and the Tree Top juice was 1.88.  

Bottom line--I'm frustrated with couponing.  I found I was spending a lot of money trying to "save" money.  And time.  It sucks up a lot of time.  And who needs that much Pillsbury crap anyway?

Here's my new strategy for saving money.  Every time I go to the store I write down how much I've spent.  A new concept for me since I have NEVER balanced a check book or budgeted.  I know, I'm an idiot.  But in my defense, how do you budget without an income?  The other strategy, this one is also new to me, only buy what you need.  And don't buy three of four just because you like them all.  Just try and pick one.  Ok, I know you can't just pick one because you're mental, but keep it to two.  

The other strategy that I do is I shop without my children.  This isn't so much to save money as it is to save my sanity.  Seriously, I think I have taken Roman and Capri to Winco maybe twice in their lives.   I did take them for the first time ever last weekend and I ended up buying so much junk because I have this habit of saying yes to everything.  Roman asked me yesterday if Capri had a penis and I said yes.  I told you, it's automatic.  I don't think.  I just say yes to everything.  I think it's because Bella trained me this way.  That and I'm stupid.

The other way I try and save money is by stretching out shopping trips and going without for a little while.  Boy did it suck when I was out of hot chocolate for a week.  

I also don't go chasing after good deals.  It's only a good deal if you need it.  Besides, it also messes with the environment to have 100 bottles of shampoo and lotions on your shelf.  I know they were "free" but we need to be careful with our resources.

Last, but not least, I enter blog raffles in hopes of winning something to help us get by.


Emi said...

LOL @ Capri's penis.
and good point, "saving money" means nothing if you are going to end up throwing away three boxes of cereal because they go stale before you eat them, or you burn a tank of gas driving all around to catch where the "deals" are. people don't think about that, they only see "holy crap! I saved like $20!!! (on all this stuff they have lined up on their shelf)" only good to buy in "bulk" like that if you are the Duggers, or you are donating to the food bank. and blog raffles are a good idea. Know of any good ones I can enter?

Amanda said...

If I were nice I would tell you about the awesome blogger I found that does raffles. However, if I tell you, my chances of winning go down. So you're out of luck.

I hope Mrs. Dugger reaches menopause very soon.

Camille said...

I love it Amanda, You're so funny.

Hey.. Are you guys making fun of me for couponing? Cause that's what it sounds like..

That's okay if you are. I get what you're saying, but when Andy was out of work... for a long time... It sucked having to use the shampoo/conditioner combo that also doubles as a paint stripper that the food bank place gave us because I didn't have any extra in the house... So now I'm trying to store up about 6 months worth so I don't have to worry about it just in case. yeah, I 've already got my cereal stored up... And I got a really great deal on FBTF.. so I have some of that too... except my kids are eating it by the box full. Who knew it was a meal replacement?

Emi said...

(emi's making a mental note to stop by Cam's house on the way home from work to swipe her FBTF)

Emi said...

whats for dinner?

Amanda said...

We had Big City Sliders tonight. John had four. The rest of us had one. Bella spit hers out this time. I added a little black pepper. How dare I?

Bella said...

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa how dare you

Gina said...

This blog is so hilarious! I love it.