Friday, December 11, 2009

Who needs cookie cutters when you've got these?

Years ago I swore off making sugar cookies. Too much mess and too much work. I even sold all my cookie cutters at our moving sale two years ago.

Last weekend Roman comes to me and tells me he wants to make "Christmas cookies." Apparently he had done this at preschool and wanted to do it at home. I told him no, that we couldn't make Christmas cookies. "Miss Malia makes Christmas cookies."

Really? Not to be outdone by his teacher crush I said, "Okay, we can make Christmas cookies but we're going to need your Play-doh box." He ran and got the Play-doh box and his toy rolling pin that he got from a birthday party and we made Christmas cookies.

But we didn't frost them. Because that would be going too far.

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E said...

I bet those play dough cutters left a nice salty residue on the cookie dough too. I always thought sugar cookies could use a little extra salt. Thanks for the tip!