Sunday, October 10, 2010

Maybe I'm not cut out for steel cut oats

If you're thinking I'm a great cook now that I'm cooking more often you are dead wrong.  Actually it was me who was almost dead.  I nearly burned down the house with what happened last week.  I burned my steel cut oats on Saturday morning, Sunday morning, and yes, Monday morning.  Three days in a row.  Imagine.....thick smoke in the house, a blackend, ruined pan, a horrible smell that doesn't go away even with the windows open, and no breakfast. 

Why did you keep burning them day after day you wonder?  Because after I did it the first time I thought there was no way I could do that again.  And then after I did it a second time I thought now there's really no way I could possibly burn it two days in a row.  Then after I burned it the second time I thought surely there is no way I could possibly burn it three days in a row.  The third day was actually the worst. 

Why do you burn your oatmeal day after day you wonder?  Because oatmeal takes ten minutes to cook on the stove and I can't stand to be in the kitchen that long.  Besides, my kids have me running all over the house getting them clothes, socks, shoes, coats, backpacks, wiping their bottoms, and putting toothpaste on their toothbrushes.  So you see there's not time to watch oatmeal cook.  I always walk away.  And because I have absolutely no memory these days (seriously it's as bad as my sisters was when she was in the hospital, now that's saying something).  Anyway, being smart, well kinda smart, I set the timer on the third try so when I walked away from the oatmeal I would be reminded by the timer to take the oatmeal off the stove.  The problem is I set the time on the timer but forget to push start.

You can put me away now.  I'm ready to sign the papers.   Do you think they have oatmeal in the hospital?


Momza said...

I love "Coaches Oats" that I buy from Costco!! I cut up apples and toss in some cinnamon and top it off with a little agave stuff and it's delish!
I also learned that I can stand in the kitchen for the few minutes it takes to boil. Empty the dishwasher, gather the trash, wipe down the all takes about the same amount of time to boil the oatmeal. It also helps it if you turn OFF the stove and cover it once you pour the oats into the boiling water. Then they can't overcook!

Amanda said...

Hi Momza, thanks for those great tips. I will look for Coaches Oats next time I'm at Costco. Welcome to my blog. Sorry I don't post reguarly .

Emily Lewis said...

I just found your blog, and can totally relate to your whole story! I love your sense of humor.

We love oatmeal at our house. I too LOVE Coaches Oats, but we have moved recently and our Costco doesn't carry them here( in Ohio). But I love the texture of steel cut oats so I have been cooking them in the crockpot. It has been great since we all get up at different times. But at least I know that there is a nice warm breakfast waiting for EVERYONE (4 kids, 2 adults).

Amanda said...

Thanks for your comment Emily. I really need to try the steel cut oats in the crockpot. Is the amount of water to oats the same and how long do you cook them?