Tuesday, November 11, 2008

As a true feminist, I have always steered away from traditional female activities such as scrapbooking, sewing, ironing, cleaning, coupon clipping and cooking.  Yes, coupon clipping.  That is something I have never done.  Why spend time clipping coupons to save a few cents?  Well, I tell you why. When you only have a few cents you want to spend as few of them as possible.  And that's the position we are finding ourselves in right now.  John is looking for work and we have everything we own up for sale on Craigslist right now.

Yes, desperate times call for desperate measures.  Which has inspired me to raise up and clip those coupons.  It's like doing a huge math problem.  It takes time, concentration, and no kids around.  I was up past 3 am clipping coupons via the internet and making an Albertson's shopping strategy with help from Jenn S. and  forums on Pinching Your Pennies.  Albertson's is having many sales where if you buy $30 worth of certain products, you get $15 off your next purchase.  That's %50 off.  Nice.  My dear husband came home from work(?) today so I could spend some time at the store.  Who knew it would be three hours, but it was.  Have you ever spent 3 hours at Albertson's?  I don't shop at Albertsons so this shopping trip was more like a scavenger hunt.  Especially since I could only purchase exactly what was on my list. 

 This is my first time ever doing this sort of bargain shopping and I was really nervous.  I just didn't believe that people really stopped their transactions after thirty dollars without getting crap from the checkers.  But the checker I had was really nice and she even gave me a compliment which I loved.  She said she would have never known this was my first time doing this.  Ahh thanks.  So let's cut to the chase so I can brag about the good deals I got from Albertson's today.

How much did you spend? $158.05
How many items did you purchase? 137 items
How much money did you quote n quote save? $315.00
How much did you pay per item? $1.15
How long did this take you?  More time than I'd like to admit
Did you even make dinner tonight?  Heck no, Papa John's baby.
What did you buy?  Milk, bread, boneless/skinless chicken chests, yogurt, deo for John's B.O., frozen veggies, frozen entrees, boxed potatoes, liquid laundry detergent, soups,  mayo, soap, margarine spread, brownie mix, Hamburger Helper, salad dressing, etc.


Emi said...

LOL @ "chicken chests"

John EO said...

John's B.O.?

Mama Yo said...

Chicken Chests - what a hoot!

Way to go girl! I totally MISSED this amazing sale! I've heard from a bunch of people that took advantage of it though! That is pretty dang awesome of you!