Sunday, November 9, 2008

Success was half and half today.  I successfully made a pot roast per the menu from Menus4Moms.  John put it in the crock pot for me since I don't like touching meat.  But I added bay leaves, celery salt, and 7 up.  The roast cooked for 7 hours and turned out really good.   I even made real mashed potatoes.  This I did all by myself while John was trying to nap off his migraine that he woke up with this morning.  I also cooked some frozen corn I had in the freezer.  

Not a bad meal you might say right.  Yeah, I thought I had done pretty good.  But not by Bella's standards.  The potatoes weren't "the kind I usually make" and the corn wasn't "the kind we usually" have.  And the meat wasn't the usual kind either.  So Bella had a yogurt for dinner. She made sure to tell me that the yogurt was really good.  Oh, thanks Bella.  You're too kind. Roman found two strawberry pediasures in the pantry and helped himself.  See what I get for spending hours in the kitchen today?  At least John and I liked it. And Capri loved the mashed potatoes so that was good.

What did you serve?  Lemon-Lime Roast
How many ate it?  Two
Did you serve a vegetable?  Yes, mashed potatoes.  Real ones.  Bella prefers potato pearls.
Did you have corn?  Yes, freezer corn.  Bella prefers canned.
Did it make John sick.  No.
Will you make it again?  Yes.
Is this blog really helping you?  Yes, actually it is.  Thank you for asking.

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